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Driver's Education
MN Driver's ManualAll of your driver's education needs can be met through JWP Community Ed!!!!!

***Behind the Wheel is closed and will open again May 2018!

**** Classroom Driver's Education is opening in Dec for registration with classes running Jan, Feb, and March 2018, then again in the summer for 11 weeks. There is no Fall classroom this year.

PARENTS: The state has passed new laws that will effect you. They now require a "primary driving supervisor " in each household that is in charge of documenting hours driven by your permitted driver. They now require 40 logged and documented hours of driving, 15 of these at night, before your child can take their road test. These 40 hours are required by the parents that attend an hour and a half class provided by myself. If a parent does not attend parent classes then you are required to log 50 hours. Warning! If you show up to take the road test after Jan. 1, 2015 and do not have the signed official form with you, they will send you home! (These new laws do not effect the 2014 students who finished their "behind the wheel" before Jan, 1, 2015).

** If you are taking your driver's license test here are a few things to remember:
Bring: social security card, permit, certificate of completion from parent night, driving log, white card from behind the wheel training, and proof of insurance.

1. Stop before the stop sign
2. Stay under the posted speed limit
3. Scan every intersection by actually turning your head a little each way - 'cool dude nod'
4. When stopped behind a car, stop back far enough that you can see their tires touch the pavement
5. OBSERVE, OBSERVE, OBSERVE! Can't say this one enough!
6. Midnight to 9:30 for parallel parking - students remember???
7. SMOG! - Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder look, and Go when pulling out from parking especially.

Monica Erickson
(507)234-5181 Leave a message with Nancy as I  NEVER have access to my school phone in the summer.